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Eftersom det inte gick att länka till dokument i förra inlägget, får frågorna kopplade till Euraxess-statistiken ett alldeles eget inlägg. Ni behöver inte tacka.

Questions – topics and descriptions

Access to the culture of the host country/language courses: Information provided on intercultural behavior, tourism, researchers’ evenings, cultural visits and sport facilities and social activities.

Accommodation: Assistance provided in finding a place to stay or live in, also general information linked to housing formalities (lease, rent, deposit, rights and obligations, etc.)

Banking: Information/assistance provided concerning the opening of a bank account.

Career Development: Information/assistance provided concerning career development opportunities at the hosting country.

Day care, schooling & family related issues : Information/assistance provided to a researcher and the family on schools (nurseries, Kindergartens, primaries, …)

Departure conditions/formalities: Information/assistance provided concerning formalities requested before departure.

Entry conditions/visas: Information/assistance provided regarding national procedures, including visas, resident’s card/permit, which are required from a researcher/family member in order to legally cross the country border and reside or hold/maintain a position within the territory of a specific country.

Health insurance: Information/assistance provided regarding health insurance.

Intellectual Property Rights: Information/assistance regarding Intellectual Property Rights which are various legal entitlements attached to the product of the mind or the intellect, such as copyrights, designs, patents and trademarks.

Job opportunities: Information/assistance provided to the inquirer about research positions within his/her universities and/or research organisations (in the public and private sector) and job opportunities for a researcher’s spouse.

Medical care: Information/assistance provided regarding complementary medical facilities or assistance to the researcher/family.

Pension rights: Information/assistance provided to a researcher regarding pension rights according to national systems and EC rules.

Recognition of diplomas: Information/assistance provided to a researcher and a spouse regarding the equivalence of diplomas/education when moving from one country to another.

Research funding opportunities: Information/assistance regarding available financial support provided by the private or public sector to the researcher in the form of grants, fellowships etc

Research landscape: Information/assistance provided concerning the what, how, where and when research is conducted at the hosting country/home university.

Taxation/salaries: Information/assistance provided concerning national taxation rules and/or salary (amount, payment etc)

Unemployment: Information/assistance provided to a researcher regarding unemployment rights according to national systems.

Work permit: Information/assistance provided regarding legal authorization which allows a person who does not hold the citizenship of a given country to take employment in it.

HRS4R = HR Strategies for Researchers = HR Excellence in Research. Lund University was certified in 2020 and received HR Excellence in Research Award. Now a project, to be reported to the EU in September 2022.

12 april, 2021

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